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Genotek Biochem exclusively represents Bischoff Chromatography, Germany for their wide range of High – Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) Columns. We offer a wide gamut of columns for use in Analytical (Normal Phase, Reverse Phase), UPLC, Preparative/Semi-preparative, SFC, and Chiral separation applications.

Primary advantages that we offer are –

  1. Reproducibility (Each column goes through an individual quality control mechanism and has its own test certificate; ensuring batch to batch reproducibility)
  2. Replacement of existing older chemistries without having to change the method and still achieving better selectivity at a lower cost
  3. Highly competitive prices and delivery timelines
  4. All columns that are offered in analytical phases can be scaled up to preparative scale with column ID and length as high 62mm and 500mm respectively.
Depending upon specific requirements we work closely with our R&D team in Germany and provide custom solutions ensuring the needs of the customer are met. By manufacturing the hardware in-house in Germany, we have the ability to offer flexibility to our customers in column dimensions. We are committed to deliver user and application friendly products of high quality and durability which are manufactured with modern technology to reduce cost and leading to reliable results.

Analytical Columns -

Bischoff Prontosil Column Phase Details
Prontosil Ace-EPS The Ace-EPS belongs to a new group of RP-stationary phases with amide embedded groups. The packing is very stable over a wide pH range (2-10). It offers maximum hydrophobicity with maxium polar selectivity. The main application area is the pharmaceutical industry where analytes often have basic or acidic groups.
Prontosil H Prontosil H is the classic C8/C18 column with wide range of applications. The packing is fully end-capped and possess all of the excellent properties that a new generation stationary phase can offer.
Prontosil SH SH column has an enhanced methylene group selectivity. It shows an excellent shape selectivity and stabiility even at pH 2. Longer end-capped chains produce packing that are more retentive and permit use of larger samples
Prontosil AQ AQ with its unique bonding technology is developed for use in aqueous mobile phases with organic content less than 10%. It is a special RP material for separating a broad range of hydrophilic analytes that show no retention on other reverse phase materials.
Prontosil AQ Plus In comparison to the AQ, AQ Plus offers enhanced stability even at low pH values upto pH 2. The application field for this phase is mainly in combinatorial chemistry where the standard separation conditions are fast gradients and from 0-100% organic and where the mobile phases include 0.1% TFA
Prontosil Eurobond This is a classical phase with selectivity in between the selectivity offered by Prontosil C18 H and Prontosil C18 SH. The Prontosil Eurobond is a fully end-capped column and can be used in wide range of RP-chromatography
Prontosil Kromaplus Prontosil Kromaplus is based on the well known high performance spherical silica for analytical and preparative liquid chromatography. It is ultra-pure and gives high reproducibility and chemical stability by using monofunctional silanes and fully end capping. It is stable from pH 2 to 9.
Prontosil C30 C30 is a stationary phase with a high carbon load due to which it has excellent shape selectivity and stability even at pH 2. The application field is the separation of isomers of carotenoids and other long alkyl chain solutes that cannot be separated on classical C18 columns.
Prontosil C1 The C1 packing shows the lowest retention of the complete product line. The application area is mainly separation of non polar solutes. It can also be used for separation of proteins in Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatrography (HIC).
Prontosil C4 The C4 packing shows excellent properties for separation of peptides and proteins not only in RP-mode but also in HIC-mode.
Prontosil Peptide Pro ProntoSIL Peptide PRO columns are a new range of columns offered by Bischoff for Peptide analysis. They are C18 (octadecyl) columns packed with bifunctional bonding chemistry and are fully endcapped.
Prontosil Silica Prontosil Si is made with silica with a high purity of 99.999%. The optimum manufacturing process guarantees excellent batch to batch reproducibility. It has a wide range of applications in Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC), as well as in Normal Phase HPLC of large molecules.
Prontosil Amino Prontosil Amino is an amino propyl bonded phase. In can be used in NP as an alternative to Silica but offers different selectivity. In RP-mode it is mainly used for analysis of carbohydrates. In IC-mode the bonded phase can be used as a weak anion exchanger for analysis of anions and weak organic acids.
Prontosil Cyano Prontosil CN is a cyano propyl bonded phase. In RP-mode the main application is separation of strong basic solutes. In NP-mode it offers a complementary selectivity to other normal phases like Silica, Amino and Diol.
Prontosil Phenyl Prontosil Phenyl is a RP packing that offers different selectivities in comparison to brush type stationary phases like C8 and C18. It is fully end-capped and shows excellent selectivity even at low pH value of 2
Prontosil Diol Prontosil OH is a diol bonded phase. It is an alternative to silica packings. The equilibration times of support are shorter in comparison to corresponding silica support. Due to lower activities of these packing, they can also be used for SEC applications.
Prontosil CB The CB series was introduced keeping in mind the need for economical columns required for doing routine analysis work & assay, dissolution studies. Prontosil CB series can be offered in multiple phases.


Prep/Semi-Prep -

We aim in providing chromatographic solutions for any compound, right from discovery, scaling up to its production and quality control. With Bischoff Chromatography, Germany we strive to meet the challenging demands of preparative HPLC columns.

The main aim of preparative chromatography is to produce a quantity of pure compound with ease in the most economical way. The preparative columns offered are available in wide range of sizes to carry out almost any preparative scale separations. These preparative columns are packed under very high pressure and in a specialized hardware to increase the bed density as high as possible to obtain sharp peaks and good resolution. This uniform high-density packing prevents formation of voids during use. This results in preparative columns with higher efficiency and durability.

Our preparative columns are available in the following dimensions – Length (in mm): 500, 300, 250, 200, 150, 125, 100, 75, 50, 40, 30 Inner Diameter (in mm): 62, 50, 40, 32, 20, 16, 8


We offer columns for supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) applications to provide the chemist with a number of options for SFC separations. These columns are available in many chemistries. Columns include stationary phases based on silica that are coated or covalently bonded.

These columns are specifically packed in SFC compatible hardware and tested individually to guarantee performance. The low viscosity of the CO2 allows for separations that are 3 times faster or more than normal phase HPLC. Speed of SFC separations, conservation of organic solvents and more concentrated product fractions make SFC a desirable preparative chromatographic technique for purifying chemical mixtures.

Prontosil SFC semi-prep columns are available with inner diameters from 10mm to 50mm and in lengths from 50mm to 250mm offering our customers to choose suitable dimension for their application. In addition, individual SFC documentation is included with every column.